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This is the only official photography page of 'VALENTINE’S MEMORY'. We do Exclusive Wedding Photography, Fashion,product any kind of Photo-shoot/Portfolio Form Our Production. VALENTINE’S MEMORY photographers and cinematographers lead by SHADIN MOZUMDER.


Educated and highly skilled photographers and cinematographers lead by SHADIN MOZUMDER.

 Pro Level Equipment’s.  Own Post Processing Panel Facility With Strong Professionals & Expert editors.  Our photographers have chosen their passion as their profession.  Strong quality control Management.  Dedicated After Sales Support Team.

We always on the lookout moments of emotion. We feel like they tell the best story of your day. For some, that might mean enjoying a laugh together, for others it might mean wiping a tear from your loved one’s cheek & we will be documentation the fun, laughter, killer dance moves, and emotions of all your friends and family.

We value your special day and know how much precious it is for you. The gala day one’s life passes so quickly that when you look back, you will find a blur memory of that. Specially without the memories captured by the cameras it would all seem just like a scattered oblivion. So to make the very special day ever memorable for you and to let you have reminiscence Valentine’s Memory is always at your service.

Planning for a wedding is a lot of work. Lots of decisions go into finding the right colors, picking the right flowers, choosing which jewelry to wear and of course many other elements of the day. As your photography, we will do our very best to capture all of these details.

Finally one of the keys of getting great duet and portrait photos is proper planning. We always try to create special moments for capturing those photos.


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